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Come here, Rude Boy, boy, can you style it up?

I love the small details in design.  From the stitching on a garment, the hidden fixings on an object, the branding placement, the shadow gaps between walls and floor, to the props used on a back bar display.  It’s all the small details that really help convey the object’s/wearer’s/place’s personality, and they’re  not something that you necessarily appreciate at first glance, which makes them all the better when you do notice them.

Back in the summer, a friend and I went to the ‘Return of the Rude Boy’ exhibition at Somerset House.  Now, I must admit, I didn’t know what a Rude Boy was (!!!) but absolutely loved the photographs and garments on display.  The stylistic lengths these boys (and girl!) go to is just amazing. It’s all about the sharpness of suit, the shine on the shoes, and yep, the small details unique to their outfit…..


Love Dexter de Leadnus’ pin


Outlaw Now Here/Outlaw Nowhere? You decide.


Natty Bo


Bevan Agyemang & Macharia Brian Gathii


Gary Powell- turned up trousers with acid yellow socks. Check out the shoes.


Love the text printed on the tassels, and the background colour change on the badges.


Trouser brace strapping detail, and embossed leather tag on the Sunday Best box.

monochrome rude girl

Monochrome Rude Girl- contrasting black and white patterns, and pearl earrings.

Open leather suitcase totems were a clever and appropriate way to display more Rudie photographs….


Exhibition detailing

Unfortunately the exhibition has finished now, but you can find out more information about it here or on the Somerset House website.  The exhibition was put together by Dean Chalkley (all photographs feat. in this post were taken by Dean) and Harris Elliot.

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Home London, Zoo

I briefly mentioned in Monday’s post that animals were everywhere at Home London and Top Drawer– they’re an eternal trend.  People will always love animals and buy animal products.  Here is a small selection of the variety on show…

…From fluoro pussies to cockapoos…

Yoke ronnie and frank cat cushion

Yoke’s vibrant Ronnie and Frank Cushion

Beast in Show Cockapoo tea towel

Beast In Show’s Cockapoo Tea Towel- just one in the range of Lucie Sheridan‘s witty hybrid dog prints.

…From colour blocked peacocks to camel teapots…

sian ellin peacocks cushion

Sian Ellin’s peacock cushion was attracting alot of people’s attention at the show.

The DRH collection white camel teapot

The DRH Collection’s white camel teapot- also came in polished silver and gold plate. Kitsch to the max…which I don’t think is a bad thing!

…From extrovert cockatoos to chubby cheeked hamsters…

Forma The Zoo Hamster Money Box Red

The Hamster Money Box displayed on the Forma House stand.

…From skiing rabbits to cuddly bears…

Ham skiing bunny prints

Ham’s humorous skiing rabbit monochrome prints. Still love the trampolining bunny spotted last year.

Beast in Show Bear Tea Towel

Beast In Show’s Bear Hug! tea towel by Robbie Henderson.  Funny aaaarrrrggghhh!

…From Woodland to Safari animals…

Lisa Bliss Animal Busts Wallpaper in Mustard

Lisa Bliss’ stunning Animal Bust wallpaper in mustard (also comes in another colourway). Lisa will be updating her website in the next few days if you want more details.

outline works trophy elephant bike rack

The Trophy Elephant Bike Rack is the newest in the Outline Works collection. TWO bikes can be stored on the tusks! (Image from

…sometimes the two combined together!…

Even some extinct ones…

seletti sauria

This is just brilliant- Seletti’s Sauria porcelain cake stand.

The only thing missing was the unicorns!

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The Rise and Rise of Secret Emporium

With Christmas nearly here there are pop-up markets happening all over town, full of unusual handcrafted gift ideas for your family and friends…and maybe a little treat for yourself!

Last year, I loved the Secret Emporium Christmas Market so made it a ‘must-do’ for this morning. It definitely didn’t disappoint with more sellers than last year with, for me, the jewelers stealing the show, each with their own unique styles to suit a range of budgets.

Sellers which I’ve never come across before that caught my eye included…

Fabel. In fact my friend bought me this gorgeous cobalt blue tassle necklace for Christmas as well as treating herself to a fawn coloured twisted infinity bracelet.

fabel tassle necklace and infinity bracelet

fabel emerald nautilus necklace

This Fabel necklace is definitely on my wish list for next year.

Jessica de Lotz’s handcuff necklace and her apple core necklace are great fun! The large handcuff necklace even opens with a lock and has all the mechanisms of working handcuffs.

jessica de lotz apple core and handcuff necklace

Necklaces perfect for pairing with a summer maxi dress included Alexa de Castilho’s lovely gold pineapple disc necklaceas, Strange Loop’s unusual Medusa inspired necklaces, and one of One We Made Earlier’s simple shape necklaces made form cork, wood and plastic. These necklaces reminded me of Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group.

alexa de castilho gold pineapple necklace

Alexa de Castilho’s gold pineapple disc necklace

strange loop medusa necklace

Strange Loop’s Medusa necklace

one we made earlier necklace

One We Made Earlier’s shape necklaces

E.A.Burns‘ new collection which introduced frosted acrylic pieces were as striking as the original leather studded pieces, and Nylon Sky’s beautifully finished laser cut acrylic and wood jewellery would create a statement on any outfit.

eaburns necklace

nylon sky collar clips

It was nice to see Secret Emporium Christmas Market 2012 alumni such as Yas-Ming Ceramics, Wolf and Moon with their gorgeous new ‘Crystallized’ Collection, and Kate Gilliland back selling their wares.

yas-ming ceramics

Yas-Ming Ceramics

wolf and moon kaleidoscope necklace

The Kaleidoscope necklaces from Wolf and Moon’s Crystallized Collection

kate gilliland crab necklace

Still want this cast crab necklace!

And I also got a chance to catch up with how Ali Forbes‘ busy year has been going since I first saw her collection at the Hush House Supermarket at the Bussey Building back in August.  Sounds like 2014 is going to be a busy year for her!

ali forbes

The market is only open until 10pm tomorrow so definitely try and head down to the Nicholls & Clarke Building, E1 6DB. There’s a £1 entry charge, and they’re also running a voluntary donation to Mind.

Of Cabbages and Kings are also holding a pop up shop in Abney Hall in Stoke Newington this weekend, and if you’re looking for more unusual , handcrafted Christmas decorations and ideas, head to the O2 where the Handmade Christmas Fair is on until Sunday.

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Window Display Trends

Like fashion, window displays also have trends.  They can be inspired by many things such as; current fashion trends, events (the Jubilee and Olympics were big ones last year), stylish movie releases (the High Street lapped up the Art Deco influence from The Great Gatsby), and the styling of a major Fashion Week Show (the white paper flowers from Chanel‘s 2009 Spring/Summer Haute Couture show is still influencing window displays 4 years on!)  Sometimes more random propping becomes popular…a couple of years ago we had cacti, then there was step ladders everywhere, all of which might have been suggested by the trend prediction services you can subscribe to.

So recently I’ve noticed a couple of trends…


I first saw this theme earlier on in the year with the clean, simple Calvin Klein windows.

calvin klein TV window trend

Then Fred Perry turned it up a couple of notches for their Twisted Wheel window and combined the dance footage playing TV with working old record players and eye catching Northern Soul dance move lenticulars.  The detailing was the quality you’d expect from a Fred Perry window from the retro laminate finish, vac formed TV button panel, and even the words ‘Twisted Wheel’ outlined on the floor with talcum powder referencing how dancers used talc on the floor to help them with their moves.

Fred Perry Twisted wheel Window

Image supplied by Hatch Design & Build


Image supplied by Hatch Design & Build


Image supplied by Hatch Design & Build

And just this week, I’ve seen that H&M have also gone with this trend to show footage from their Paris show.

H&M TV window

H&M Tv window close up


Bright white light is being used alot at the moment- it’s good for creating contrast to window mannequins dressed all in black, and for highlighting this season’s panels of shiny fabric and detailing.  Both Topman and H&M have gone for clean simple cold light stick lights.

Cladding the lights to the back of the mannequins, and almost mirroring their posture, gives the Topman mannequins a sense of movement, and an illuminated shadow effect.

Topman white light window

The clean light grid structure in the H&M window is repeated in-store, this time framing the mannequins.  The contrast between the straight, precise angled light grid and the circular overhead light features works well and gives the display more edge.  I also like that they have used LED stick lights- better for the environment and far more hard-wearing and practical.

H&M white light windows and in store Hatch Design & Build

Images supplied by Hatch Design & Build


Yesterday I walked past Calvin Klein Regent Street where they’ve combined these two themes together with the strong white backlit letters decorated with photos, and small screens inset into the face of the letters playing the photo footage.

calvin klein white light and tv window

Windows will inevitably feature more screens, more moving image and more interactions to catch the attention of the ever-increasing more technological savvy/hungry shoppers, so it will be interesting to see how the High Street goes about it.

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