So we’ve had the Christmas adverts and now the high street is fully bedecked with Christmas window displays.

Gold and silver are always a given at Christmas time, but metallics including holographic metallics are really prolific this year, mirroring the current fashion trends.  There’s also an awful lot of Christmas trees made up of presents and boxes.  Mulberry have done a more sculptural version of this with only the shape of the present suggested with the gold ribbon, the product then displayed inside.  What I like about this scheme is their attention to detail such as the logo embossed fixing, the well thought out product display methods, and the tagline ‘Think inside the box’.

Mulberry Christmas 2014 Window Display

Clarks also used metallics with copper, silver and gold foils but combined these with thick unfinished wood stars lit with filament bulbs.  I think the more rustic finish really compliments the leather and rubber of the footwear.

Clarks Christmas 2014 Window Display

Topshop Boutique have also got quite a rustic simple scheme…not a cheesy Christmas window obviously but I love it.  I also like how they’ve dipped the mannequins’ fingers in gold to match the suspended wooden batons.

Topshop Boutique Christmas 2014 Window Display

Completely stepping away from metallics, there is Fred Perry’s frosted ice sculpture effect laurel.  This really catches your eye, partly because of the ice effect vinyl border, but also because it’s a standalone prop – it’s not lost amongst unnecessary surrounding props.

Fred Perry Christmas 2014 Window Display (Images supplied by Hatch! Design & Build)

The Karen Millen windows are also sculptural, with these gorgeous woven suspended ‘snowballs’ in subtle varying shades.  To me they look like delicate jellyfish floating in the window- beautiful.

Karen Millen Christmas 2014 Window Display

And ok, here are the John Lewis penguins.  This series of windows did bring a smile on my face…all the penguins have a personality which is a combination of how well they have been sculpted, and how the window has been styled.

John Lewis Christmas 2014 Window Display

So those were my favourite window displays for Christmas 2014 (still need to check out Harrods and Harvey Nics), but if you’re interested in seeing more, click on my Pinterest page where I’ve posted a few other eye-catching schemes including Selfridges, Anthropologie, Jack Wills (that scheme has been my design baby for the past few weeks freelancing for Hatch Design & Build), H&M flagship and a few more.  Enjoy x


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