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A few days ago I had to do a bit of last minute birthday present shopping, when I walked past the Argyll Street Jigsaw store and saw this window display…

Design Devotee Jigsaw Style and Truth Window Scheme

…I thought it was great- just a really simple but strong visual contradiction between the text statement, and the window display props and the clothes the mannequin was dressed in.

Then, on my way home, a whole underground passage of Oxford Circus tube station had been canvassed with the Jigsaw Autumn Winter campaign…

Design Devotee Jigsaw Style and Truth wear green
Design Devotee Jigsaw Style and Truth prints are back

Design Devotee Jigsaw Style and Truth polka dots are in

Design Devotee Jigsaw Style and Truth go floral

I think Jigsaw have marketed this campaign really well, with how strongly the in-store messaging works with their advertising, and the contradictions between the copy and the image are obvious enough for passers-by to quickly take in and understand.

Jigsaw have written a blog post about the campaign which goes into greater detail about how it’s better to go with your own personal style investing in key pieces, rather than follow the current fashion trend #styleandtruth

Great stuff!

*All campaign images are from the Jigsaw website.

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BOMPAS & PARR- Jelly Making Fun Times

I am a BIG Bompas & Parr fan.  I love their fun (most important!), accessible, eccentric and ‘skies the limit’ approach to the experiences they organise/collaborate on, so when their newsletter popped into my inbox saying they were opening their HQ doors for a Jelly Making Workshop, I got straight on that!  Jelly making fun aside, I was really curious to see their set up- to get more of an idea of what happens behind the scenes…

I loved having a snoop around their studios, and workshop where they experiment with a lot of their mould creation….

Bompas and Parr Design Devotee Mould selection

Some of the moulds in the studio.

Bompas and Parr Design Devotee Replica Iguana Dinosaur

Check out this replica iguana-esque dinosaur from The Dinosaur Court at Crystal Palace just casually hanging around on top of the cupboard.

….I also had a go on their vac form machine to create my own mould…

Bompas and Parr Design Devotee Vac Forming

Flashback to CDT classes!

…We learnt some of the tricks to their previous experiences….

Bompas and Parr Design Devotee

The luminous dye in the glass was used on their Chromatopsia installation.

…and in the kitchen we had a go at making all sorts of jelly concoctions with various techniques from Elderflower, Prosecco & Raspberry Jelly…

Bompas and Parr Design Devotee Elderflower and Prosecco Jelly

My favourite- so tasty!

…layering into a Clementine, marbling with campari and orange jelly…

Bompas and parr Design Devotee Jelly

…dabbling with some gold leaf, and then at the end, having full reign of the store cupboard ingredients to make whichever flavour we wanted.  Who knew a Dark & Stormy could be made into a jelly with a gold leaf top?  Pretty good though!

I don’t really want to go into too much detail about what surprises are in store for you if you sign up for the course.  All I will say is, apart from jelly and mould making, you should expect a lot of fun, and you may be treated to pickles with magic properties, alcoholic wind, and jelly matter explosions!  If you are interested in the workshop, snap up your place fast next time it’s advertised, as the next two sessions are already fully booked!

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