Kitsch- so wrong it’s right

Belated Happy New Year everyone!

A New Year’s lurgy hit me about half an hour into 2014, so I’ve been in bed for the past couple of days trying to shake it off with this monstrous beauty for company…

urban outfitters virgin of guadalupe hot water bottle kitsch

I bloody love this hot water bottle!  To me, the gaudy embellishments and slight inappropriateness, just make it AMAZING!  I originally bought one for my friend from Urban Outfitters for Christmas, because I knew she would appreciate it’s horrific beauty but I loved it so much, I bought one for myself as well…and yes, my friend loves it just as much as me (thank goodness!).

It got me thinking about Kitsch which is definitely a Marmite genre.  I love it however and agree with (the trusted) Urban Dictionary’s definition of it, ‘As an art movement, lifestyle, or literature and film genre, kitsch is pleasingly distasteful.  It’s melodramatic, overdone, gaudy and tacky or sentimental and folksy.  It’s so bad that it’s cool.  Your cat might attack it, but it’s hot.’

Here are some other kitsch beauties I found …

abigail ahern poodle lamps

Abigail Ahern’s poodle lamps

zara home monkey picture frame

Zara Home has a surprising amount of kitsch. The more I look at this picture frame, the more I love it, which I know is wrong but I can’t help myself!

timorous beasties gnuaghty gnomes

These gnaughty gnomes available at Timorous Beasties

tatty devine kitsch lobster necklace

Tatty Devine’s Giant Lobster Necklace. Click on the picture to be taken through to their blog about the making of their limited edition pink Lobster necklace for the brilliant Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore exhibition at Somerset House.

anya hindmarch swan vestas imperial clutch

Anya Hindmarch’s Swan Vestas Imperial clutch

I think everybody should get themselves at least one kitsch item either for their home or a fashion accessory because they’ll always be a talking point, and as long as you love it, it doesn’t matter if others don’t.

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