Eau de Ballet

Hey Everyone!  Apologies this weeks post is a day later than the norm- this week has been so incredibly manic, not enough hours in the day!  There are so many interesting things going on in London this week…Clerkenwell Design Week finishes today (I’ll hopefully have time to pop down this evening!), and around Sloane Square you can check out Chelsea in Bloom.  Chelsea in Bloom is a fun event that happens alongside the Chelsea Flower Show in which local retailers take part to produce floral window displays following a certain theme which happened to be ‘Decades’ this year.  I haven’t had time to go down and check them out in person but I’ve had a look at the official photographs and placed my vote for People’s Champion- go Mary Quant! It’s always interesting seeing how the different retailers respond to the brief, whether they follow more traditional flower arrangements or go completely crazy!  With the current Great Gatsby hype, I did think there would be a few nods to the 1920s, and this came through in The White Company, and Brilliant schemes.  There has also been a few surprises as well- I thought somebody would have gone with the David Bowie mania, but couldn’t see any glam rock references.  I was also a little surprised that Ted Baker didn’t take part- they won 2nd place last year with their oversized corgi and normally have quite witty window schemes.  You can vote for your favourite online until May25th at www.chelseainbloom.co.uk/gallery– check them out!

Last night however, I headed to Soho Gallery for the launch of Penhaligon’s new perfume, Iris Prima.  The perfume has been ‘created in unique partnership with the English National Ballet’ and the launch was dressed to reflect this.  Interviews and footage of the dancers were played in the first floor gallery creating an appropriate soundscape for the collection of English National Ballet photos and costumes around the room.  A temporary mirrored wall with a wooden dancing bar had been placed behind the costumes to create more context, but the centre piece of the room was the elegant sculpture of ballet shoes, built up to create a plinth for a giant Iris Prima Factice.

Moving on up to the second floor, people were chatting in groups drinking Hendricks gin cocktails from vintage tea cups, and eating salmon sandwiches and finger cakes.  The collection of photos continued and a grand sensory cabinet stood in one corner, showcasing the inspiration behind the scent.

penhaligons iris prima launch 2nd floor

The styling of the event was simple, classic and perfectly communicated the link with the English National Ballet.  The perfume went down well with me and my friends also….it’s sweet but not sickly, and is light but noticeable (very technical description!)  I’d definitely recommend it!

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2 thoughts on “Eau de Ballet

  1. Ros Perkins says:

    Really interesting “episode”, Claire.

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